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Skyrocket your company’s presence online.  Get listed on hundreds of relevant startup directories so customers can find you easier.

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1. Submit your business 💌

Submitting your business to our product launch is simple. Just select a package and answer a couple of questions about the project. We’ll look your project over and make sure we can deliver a great service. Once confirmed, we’ll send you an invoice and a plan of action.

2. Let us work our magic ✨

We’ll craft a series of posts that’ll build relationships with the directories that we want to target. Then we’ll share the product. This process usually takes about 5-10 business days.

3. Launch day! 🚀

We work our magic and start promoting your product across all of the directories we’ll be targeting.

Once we’ve submitted your product to all our directories and communities on your reserved launch day, we’ll email you a list of links where you’ve been submitted. You can share these links with your network for more attention and keep an eye on them to answer the community’s questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the directory dazzle promotion do?

We’ll use your information to write copy, descriptions and pitch your company or startup to the most relevant startup directories in your industry. Once we finish, we’ll deliver a full report.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No contract term! This service is done on demand 🙂