Upvotes.io http://status.upvotes.io/ 2019-05-01T02:27:46+00:00 Upvotes.io <![CDATA[Reddit's Short Maintenance]]> http://status.upvotes.io/incident/8/ Reddit's Database is scheduled for a short maintenance. https://www.reddit.com/r/announcements/comments/bbvml9/when_this_post_is_one_hour_old_reddit_will_go/

*Hoping this will not affect our upvotes service.

*Will be posting updates as soon as the maintenance is finished.

Upvotes.io <![CDATA[Upvotes Fully Operational]]> http://status.upvotes.io/incident/7/ Hey guys. We're glad to announce that our upvotes system is back to normal.

  • Reddit's anti-spam security is still there. (Meaning, there's still a chance the post can be removed/ can't be upvoted, we recommend to ask for advise on our 24/7 chat support on how to bypass it.)
Upvotes.io <![CDATA[Reddit Upvote Ghosting]]> http://status.upvotes.io/incident/6/ Votes on some posts are being "ghosted" and our dev is now looking into it and creating a fix to bypass this new security being implemented by Reddit.

For now, we have confirmed that votes sent within the first 2 hours of posting work almost 100% of the time.

Upvotes.io <![CDATA[Issues with upvotes & downvotes]]> http://status.upvotes.io/incident/5/ We are seeing issues with the way upvotes and downvotes are being delivered. Stay tuned.

Upvotes.io <![CDATA[Reddit Security Update - March 17th]]> http://status.upvotes.io/incident/2/ We've implemented a tentative fix. All upvotes and downvotes should deliver properly.

Upvotes.io <![CDATA[Reddit Security Update]]> http://status.upvotes.io/incident/1/ Reddit released some core changes in how it handles upvotes to handle brigading. See their announcement about it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/redditsecurity/comments/b0a8he/detecting_and_mitigating_content_manipulation_on/