The Grey Hat Guide to Guerilla Marketing on Reddit

November 11, 2018 in Reddit

Reddit marketing has been cracked open… 👀

But it’s not really something people talk about much…

Reddit marketers have never banded together in communities like they did for SEO or Facebook ads.

Probably because it’s harder. 

Whenever you guerilla market on Reddit you have to convincingly look like you’re not marketing.

And that’s where this guide comes in!

We wrote this guide for entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking to promote themselves on Reddit.

Keep in mind though…

At the end of the day you can’t polish a turd and get a diamond.

Cause… you know. It’s a 💩.

So make sure your product or service isn’t a turd before you start pushing it.

So now that we got that out of the way…

Sit down, grab a coffee and let’s get cooking with some good old Reddit guerilla marketing.


What you need to know before marketing on Reddit

Redditors and Marketing

The typical reaction of a Redditor who’s just been marketed to

Reddit really doesn’t like to be marketed to. 

If Redditors figure out you’re marketing to them… You’ll be thrown to the wolves.

So stay subtle and keep a sense of plausible deniability for your brand.

In order to succeed, you need to be able to sound like a normal redditor, and if you can’t do that…

You’re gonna have a tough time.

You’ve been warned.

What’s the first thing you need to do if you want to market on Reddit?

Pretty simple…

Step #1: Find your target subreddits

Depending on the products or services you’re pushing, you’re going to have to find the right communities to promote them in.

Depending on your business, whether it’s SaaS, local, publishing, ecommerce or something else — you’ll have different target subreddits.

Here’s a sample table that breaks down some popular ecommerce product niche’s and their respective communities.

Ecommerce Category Subreddit Subscriber count
Male Fashion /r/malefashionadvice 1,400,000
Female fashion /r/femalefashionadvice & /r/frugalfemalefashion 627,000
Gardening /r/gardening 1,100,000
Nootropics/Supplements /r/nootropics 155,000
Skincare /r/skincareaddiction 742,000
High quality goods /r/BuyitforLife 512,000
Parenting /r/parenting 509,000
Computer hardware /r/buildapc 1,200,000
Games and gaming /r/pcgaming 923,000
Apps for iOS /r/apple 869,000
Apps for Android /r/android 1,400,000
Music /r/music 17,800,000
Books /r/books 15,300,000
Cool tech /r/gadgets 14,300,000
Fitness /r/fitness 6,600,000
Travel /r/travel 1,600,000
Beard products /r/beards 158,000

You can use Redditlist and Metareddit to create your own “list of targets”.

Once you’ve found your target subreddit, you have a couple of options you can take….

Step #2: Build reputation in the community (or buy it)

Reddit Karma (Reputation)

Your account needs 3 things before it can start promoting any kind of product or service in a subreddit.

1. Sitewide reputation

If you want your promotions to look realistic, your account needs to have a diverse posting history across different subreddits.

You need some karma from lots of subreddit – this is basically your “general reputation as a redditor”.

The more karma your account has from general subreddits like /r/askreddit, /r/history, /r/worldnews the better.

We recommend at least 2,000 karma and 1 year on the account before starting to promote your product.

2. Community reputation

Community reputation is the karma you make within the subreddits that you’re trying to promote to.

It’s really important for the communities you’ll be posting across to see that you’re one of them.

It’s the whole social categorization principle.

The more meaningful the posts you’ve made within your target subreddits, the higher the reputation you’ll have within that community.

Worth noting:

If you’re promoting your content on /r/malefashionadvice and you’re not sure if you can enter /r/frugalmalefashion before having built up a reputation – worry not. Closely related communities are fine to cross promote to.

Don’t want to put in the time to get a bunch of karma?

We recommend gaining that karma yourself to start off.

If you can’t get to 2,000 karma – chances are you’ll have trouble organically promoting anything across Reddit.

Then again… The lazy man (or woman) always finds a way to get more karma😉

Now that you have an account with which you can post… It’s time to start marketing.

Step #3: Use these guerilla marketing strategies

A reddit marketer planning his next move

A Reddit guerilla marketer planning his next move

You have loads of options when it comes to how you promote your product – and ultimately…

Your success will depend entirely on your ability to build reputation and post in a way that looks organic within the community.

Here are some tactics for building your campaign:

Basic Tactics:

These are pretty easy to get started with, all they take is some effort and strategic upvotes/downvotes.

Tactic #1: Find a product recommendation thread

A lot of product-focused communities on Reddit have a weekly recommendation or questions threads.


For example – /r/MaleFashionAdvice has a Should/Shouldn’t buy thread 2 times every week.

That’s 2 opportunities a week to do something like this:

  1. account #1 asking whether you should buy a product from store x or store y (one of these should be yours)
  2. Reply to the first comment from account #2, show support for your own store
  3. Add a few upvotes to the parent comment to get the ball rolling

To avoid suspicion, I recommend mentioning other companies in the same comment as you mention- at the very least you’ll have plausible deniability for your company!


Tactic #2: Tell a story
Tell a story

The more believable the story, the better

One of the most successful methods for entrepreneurs to gain traction on reddit is to turn their venture into a “subreddit case study” – this is when they progressively engage with a community with a story.

Ever heard of

They started off by constantly engaging the /r/beards and the /r/entrepreneur community about their business idea and concept.

This is absolutely free marketing and free feedback about your venture.

Here are some subreddit posts that have done well following this format.

  1. “From an idea to replacing my full-time salary in 4 months. How I did it, and what’s next!”
  2. “4 months ago I quit my job to start a brewery, I’ve been waiting for this photo…”
  3. I quit my dead end $60k sales job and started a marketing firm. Today I closed my books on my sixth month.”
  4. “Just finished my first attempt at making my own bag. Any and all advice is greatly welcomed. :)”

Take note! – None of the top threads are directly asking for a sale.

They’re all following a piece of advice that floats around in founder <> VC circles which applies to community marketing as well…

“If you want money, ask for advice, and if you want advice, ask for money”

Tactic #3: Insert mentions of your products into your post

The most common way people try to market themselves on Reddit is just blatantly inserting links into comments.

This has about a 85% chance of blowing up in your face, but if done correctly and with the proper approach – this could work.

It’s OKAY to try this in the following circumstances:
1. When the product you are promoting directly answers a question that’s being asked
2. When you include 1 or 2 links to products belonging to competitors. I recommend specifically choosing competitors that are more expensive or have a worse website. You want to promote yourself after all 😉

Advanced tactics

These advanced tactics are less common and more complicated to execute, but if done right will help you build a community that loves your product.

Tactic #4: Create controversy
What well planned controversy looks like

What well planned controversy looks like

This one is perhaps one of the most fun tactics to execute, it’s tricky to do correctly so be warned!

  1. Create a post on a subreddit promoting your product/app
    1. “Hey /r/xxxx I spent 20 hours making this handbag… What do you think?”
  2. Choose 2 sides of an argument and start arguing through those accounts in the post.
    1. A: I’m so tired of these obvious promotional posts…
    2. B: I dunno we should probably be encouraging artisans.
  3. Escalate the argument and selectively add upvotes, downvotes and other comments to introduce virality.
  4. Watch as other people join in, if you create enough drama you’ll get linked from /r/subredditdrama.
  5. Or maybe you’re the one who put that in subredditdrama…
Tactic #5: Ask a leading question

Did you just finish designing your business cards for your new company? Great!

What a great opportunity for free promotion from the /r/design subreddit.

Why stop there? Throw it over to /r/marketing to review as well!

Other ideas:

  • Did you just finish building your website or logo? – Ask /r/web_design for a review
  • Did you just finish getting photos done of a model in your t-shirt? Ask /r/design, /r/entrepreneur for a review
  • Did your store just start to accept Monero? Share it over at /r/monero
    You get the idea
Tactic #6: Use mention monitoring software to look for high-interest phrases

Have you heard of Brand24 or Mention?

They’re kickass brand monitoring tools that allow you to get notified whenever someone mentions your brand name or target keywords on Reddit.

If you want to kickstart your Reddit campaign, keep track of the keywords related to the main product you sell and comment when you see them mentioned on Reddit.

Tactic #7: Tell an authentic story about a competitor

Note: Do not make up stories – they will be found out and it will be obvious that you are shilling your company.

  1. Retell a negative experience about a competitor
  2. Leave a comment on the thread agreeing with the negative experience and mentioning your brand and a couple of competitors.
  3. Buy some timed out upvotes all around to make everything seem more popular.
Tactic #8: Insert photos of your product as the feature

If you sell a product that’s highly photogenic, or that has a twist which makes it stand out in some way – it could be a great candidate as a photo post.


Want a shortcut to building community reputation?
1. Browse a subreddit by “new”
2. Pick 5 threads, buy 1-5 upvotes per thread and leave a comment.
3. Buy 5 upvotes for your comment


The tools of the trade

These are the “must-have” tools when you’re engaging in guerilla marketing on Reddit.

Later For Reddit

Later For Reddit

Meet LaterforReddit

LaterForReddit is a subreddit analysis and post scheduling tool. It’s got lots of great free features, and is a strong addition to any reddit marketing arsenal.

The most useful tool is their post scheduling tool – it’s the perfect way to find out the best time to post on a subreddit, and allows you to schedule that post as well.


SnoopSnoo is perfect for narrowing down the subreddits that are most relevant to your niche.

After you enter your target subreddit, it’ll generate a cloud map of similar subreddits.

Cool isn’t it?

Reddit Insight

Reddit Insight

Meet Reddit Insight –  a full featured analytics suite for reddit marketing campaigns.

Reddit insight is a brilliant little tool that allows you to easily track the success of a submission or a user. Use it to see upvote trends and patterns.

WARNING: We’re going to plug ourselves a little bit here…

But it’s only because we’re actually the best service out there for your grey-hat needs.

Read why:

  1. We’ve got instant delivery for upvotes, downvotes, accounts and even free upvotes (limited to 2 per person)
  2. We only use aged accounts for everything
  3. We allow you to post comments through our accounts
  4. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  5. Live chat support
  6. Crypto, Paypal & Stripe payment options

Basically we’re pretty great. If you’re in the market I’d highly recommend checking us out.

Okay, enough self-promotion *Shivers*

Here’s how to blow up on Reddit

How To Upvote on Reddit – A Guide

October 28, 2018 in Reddit


The Reddit Logo

Welcome welcome welcome!

This short guide will introduce you to Reddit and walk you through the best way to leave an upvote on this social media site.

So lets get started. Before we jump too deeply into adding upvotes to posts, we need to answer a simpler question…

What is Reddit?

The Reddit Homepage

The Reddit Homepage

Reddit is the 3rd largest website in the US, and a massive collection of forums and communities where people can share news, content or comment on other people’s posts.

The difference between Facebook, twitter or any other social media is that Reddit is a community based network rather than focusing on individual user, it’s more like a focus group where anyone is entitled to an opinion. This is different because anyone can leave a comment on a thread in Reddit – you don’t need to be anyone’s “friend” or “follower”.

That’s why it’s considered the de-facto “front page of the internet”. 

If you really want to learn a little more into What is Reddit and how it came to be, I recommend digging into the digital trends guide to What Is Reddit along with this daily dot article.

Moving on…

How to upvote on Reddit – Here’s what you need to know

There’s two types of upvotes you can possibly make.

  1. On a Reddit post (also called a thread)
  2. On a Reddit comment

Here’s what a Reddit post looks like

How to upvote a Reddit Post

A typical thread on /r/nostupidquestions

A typical thread on /r/nostupidquestions

The red outlined boxes in this screenshots are “threads” – if you wanted to leave an upvote on one of these threads, you would have to be signed into your Reddit account and click the up arrow to the left of them.  

💥You’re done. That’s how you upvote a Reddit post.

Now that wasn’t so bad was it?

So how do you upvote a Reddit comment?

Just like upvotes on posts… Comments are ranked based on the number of upvotes they get divided by the number of downvotes. In order to get the comment reach the top, it should have the largest number of upvotes compared to other comments. Meaning you need to get the community agree with you to make your post upvoted.

This is what comments look like on Reddit

In order to upvote one of the comments on a thread, just like you did with the thread – you should look to the left of comment and click on the “up arrow”.

💥Aaaand you’re done again. That’s how you upvote a Reddit comment.

If you want to know a little bit more about the math behind how upvotes work, would recommend checking out this math-heavy overview. 

But wait, there’s more! If you really want to go viral on Reddit, there’s a couple of tricks you need to know.

Bonus: How to get more upvotes

  1. In order to get noticed on Reddit a post or comment should literally have high engagement, meaning many users have agreed with your post, thus upvoting the content. Unlike any other social media platform where posts and comments are just limited to a circle of friends, possibilities on reddit are endless. If your content is worth reading, watching, or commenting then it would surely be on top of other post on a subreddit or even the reddit itself.  That’s why they call “Reddit as the front page of the Internet”.
  2. First is, creating an undeniable good content where people are hooked and surefire get their sympathy and specially their precious upvote. This method is organic but Its hard as fuck to get done. As we know Reddit is composed of communities, and thus you’ll have at some point get a mixed reaction on your post. Getting downvotes is inevitable. Plus, the fact the creating a viral post is very hard, and getting a lot of audience pleased with your content is considered as once in a blue moon.
  3. Second option is would just to buy reddit upvotes from a well-established provider, thus giving your posts more chance to get ranked and be on the front seat of that specific subreddit. Hint. You can mix this by buying downvotes targeting your rival posts, thus giving you more chance to get rank up on your target subreddit.


Reddit Upvote Services – An Overview

October 25, 2018 in Reddit

There’s lots of sites out there that say that they’ll help you get upvotes for your posts on Reddit…

But how can you know which ones you can trust?

In this post we go over the most popular services to buy reddit upvotes, downvotes accounts and more.

First up… Meet (That’s us!) launched in August in 2018 with a goal to become the #1 upvote provider – and we’ve made it.

All of our upvotes, downvotes and accounts are made through real accounts. We’ve spent a lot of time to develop proprietary technology that allows us to provide on-demand, real upvotes.

Since our launch we’ve developed some nifty features that our users love

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✅Order posts and comments to be made from our pool of aged, high-karma accounts

✅Pay with crypto, credit card or Paypal.

✅API integrations available

New Features: Downvotes & Affiliate Program

October 25, 2018 in Reddit

First up… We’ve added support for ordering downvotes 👎👎. All you need to do to get started is go to Reddit Downvote page.

Along with that we’re launching version 1.0 of our affiliate program. Now anyone can signup to resell services and start making 40% on all commission they bring in through their referral URL.

Here’s how to sign up to the affiliate program and make 💸💵

First, head over to our affiliate registration page and fill out an application.

Register a new affiliate account -


Okay. To be honest you’re kind of done.  Now you’ll be redirected to our affiliate dashboard where you can generate affiliate links, review your payout settings, see your total earned commission and more.

Affiliate Dashboard -

Whenever someone places an order from one of your affiliate links, you will be credited with 40% of the total purchase. Congrats!

Have questions? Always feel free to reach out to support.

The Upvotes Team